Marketing Your Home

Selling a house in today's challenging real estate market requires more than just a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper. The Orlando Metro Realty Team uses a broad-based marketing approach designed to expose your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers, agents and brokers.

Our goals are the same as yours!

  • Obtain the most money for your home.
  • Sell the home quickly without making sacrifices.
  • Minimize the inconveniences of selling.

We strive towards a commitment of professionalism and customer service that serves as the driving force behind our marketing approach.

Our detailed sales and marketing tactics are what set us apart from other agents. Our advertising and social media campaigns are designed to create a strategic real estate marketing plan for home buyers and sellers alike, rather than the simple traditional techniques used by the majority of real estate professionals.

We use several traditional real estate marketing techniques, which are a critical aspect to promoting your property. However, in today‚Äôs market, traditional marketing methods are not enough. Just as with other industries, the internet is the core of the real estate market, which is why online marketing, social media, and customized marketing collateral are a necessity to get the most qualified buyers to view your home.

Our Main Objectives

  • To attract the highest number of qualified buyers into your home
  • Market your home to generate highest possible offer
  • Educate and guide you through the selling process 

How we market your home to sell

As mentioned above, the ability of a real estate agent to adapt and adjust Marketing strategies, in this technologically driven real estate market is absolutely critical to obtain the highest offer for your home. Take a look below at our complete marketing approach. This will give you a great idea of how we bring our real estate, marketing and custom design experience together to market your home.

Our marketing approach consists of 3 critical components, click below for more about our complete marketing approach:


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